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Sat 21 March 2015 Chomis T8aminik and Kokom Marie-Josee will be in Europe this Spring: Normandy - Paris - Lyon - Grenoble - Drôme - Switzerland - Marseilles
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In 2006, T8aminik was introduced within the Circle of the 49 official Elders and Medecine Men in Canada. Since then, more and more responsabilities are given to him. 

Once a politician (Grand Chief of the Algonquin Nation), T8aminik says with a hint of humour that he is "healed from politics". Co-founder with Marie-Josée Tardif of the Kina8at non-profit organization, he now spends all his time teaching to Anishnawbe groups who need to reconnect with their own roots and to people from all origins who desire to understand better the profound but yet very simple philosophy of his ancestors.

Carrier of 7 Sacred Pipes and a survivor of the terrible era of Native Residential Schools, he is a vibrant and very touching example of forgiveness, acceptance and healing. (Found out more about his life story and his impressive professional journey by clicking on the PDF document bellow.)


A close partnership with Marie-Josee Tardif

During the first 15 years of her professional life, Marie-Josee was a journalist. She worked for different radio and TV networks, often as a news anchor. About 10 years ago, she gradually started to dedicate her life to what really matters to her, i.e. the human quest for meaning, understanding and peace.

In 2007, she received her first Sacred Pipe. This means that the Native elders felt she was destined to become a future medecine woman. As many Quebecois people, Marie-Josee has French-Canadian and Native (Algonquin and Mic Mac) blood. This is why she is so driven by the idea of bridging the gap between Native and Non-Native individuals of this planet.

As a co-founder of the Kina8at non-profit organization, she now travels and teaches regularly with Dominique. She also offers workshops based on the principles of mindfulness and private counseling, as well as keeping on working on different writing projects. 

(For more, please downlaod the PDF document bellow.)



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